Cindy Cartmell Bryan

Girlie, I read the whole book in less than one day. !! I cried tears of sorrow, anger, frustration, joy, and hope. I could feel your pain, and anguish as a mother..... The scriptures were so meaningful to me and my life. May God bless you and your family as you continue to spread His word. Love you!!! Miss you!!! "One day when we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing it will be!!"

Book Review / " KINDLE " 

Takes the reader on a journey down a road that most of us have traveled at one time or another . A road filled with hopelessness, despair , grief , and the feeling of hitting rock bottom of a give situation with no visible means of finding our way out of the situation or several bad situations slammed in our face at the same .

Beth's first novel is a quick read, and a book , I will definently read again , and recommend to my friends . The take away from Beth's book , is that God loves each and everyone of us , everyday !! and that God will never leave or forsake us especially in our darkest hour of need ....

And that when we give our problems to God ,

From that moment on our lives will begin changing for the better , And what once seemed like a life filled with grief and despair , Is now a NEW LIFE filled with hope and promise .....

Kudos On A Job Well Done Beth
Im Looking Forward To Reading Your Next Novel

Gary Lynn Clevenger

Laura Santos

Finished the first 5 chapters of your book this morning...right after it came in the mail. Great Job and a true blessing! But it has put me in a spin. Pray for me as I am writing out my own story. 

Cindy Cartmell Bryan

I can't wait to read my childhood best friend's first book. Love you, Beth!!! Turning trials into triumphs!!! Standing on the promises.

Bailey Brotherton McKay

I just bought "Closer Than Your Breath: A book of Hope", by my friend Beth Cook Maranville! Available as of Today on Amazon! So proud of you, Beth! You are so talented, and fortunately, you use your powers for good.Likewise proud of hubby, Doc, for tireless, loving support... Made for each other